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License Update

Yor Access to newest Software

Software license updates allow you to use our latest software releases as they become available.

When a new release is published and you have booked a Support Level Silver or Gold with us, you are eligible for a free update to this latest release and can thus take advantage of the latest product features. Note that the number of purchased software licenses must be covered by your support contract.

OmniWin and OmniBevel usually download license update files (final licenses, updates, upgrades) automatically from the Internet and apply them directly to your software protection key (dongle). In the particular case that your OmniWin or OmniBevel PC is not connected to the Internet, please use the form to download license update files. The downloaded files must then be applied by hand to the dongle. For details, refer to the documentation of OmniWin or OmniBevel.

Before you update your current installation to OmniWin Classic, you need to download the appropriate update file for your already used dongle from this website. You will be notified by email once your file is ready for retrieval.