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Welding and Cutting - united with the future

Bad Soden, Germany. - Actively shaping the rapid development in welding and cutting requires more than a high-quality, customised product range. Consequently, Messer maintains particularly close contact to customers in Europe and China and to distinguished research institutes in order to continually develop its processes.

Without the technology of welding and cutting many constructions and consumer items would simply not exist. Cars wouldn’t drive, modern ocean liners wouldn’t sail the seas and airplanes couldn’t take to the skies. To a large extent, all these means of transportation consist of metal parts which have to be assembled using welding technology.

The different energy sources applied determine the cost-efficiency and quality of the welding performance; beginning with the open fire some 5000 years ago, the oxyacetylene flame of a century ago and the electric arc through to the modern-day laser and electron beam. Other technologies related to the welding process include cutting, coating, modifying the inherent properties of matter, forming, and with special applications, primary forming. When this variety of processes is combined with different groups of materials, it is easy to explain Messer’s extensive product portfolio in this sector.

“The multifaceted selection of gases ranges from acetylene, oxygen and carbon dioxide, which originally were used exclusively up to nitrogen, argon and helium through to a variety of mixed gases,” explains  Mr. Bernd Hildebrandt, Messer’s Head of Technology Management Welding & Cutting. At the same time, the consultancy package extends far beyond the field of gases. “Our customers expect all-round process knowhow, together with advice on quality and costefficiency, and on operational safety, which we also provide,” adds Hildebrandt.

Messer also offers a selection of different forms of delivery. The most common “packaging” is the steel cylinder, which is available in the standard volumes of 10, 20, 30 and 50 litres, and consequently offers a high degree of flexibility. Filling pressures of up to 300 bars also provide further scope in capacity. For larger quantities, the cylinders can be combined to form clusters or arrays. Vacuum-insulated tanks are also available for storage in a liquid state.

As an all-round provider, Messer supports the entire range of processes related to welding and cutting technology in which technical gases are, or can be applied in the future. These processes can roughly be divided into joining (e.g. shielding gas welding), separating (e.g. plasma cutting), coating (e.g. thermal spraying) and other processes (heating and straightening).

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Messer Cutting Systems is a global supplier of cutting edge technology. The company offers products and services for the metalworking industry which set standards world-wide. As market leader in its branch, the machine manufacturer supplies complete solutions and concentrates strategically on advising its customers and customer oriented innovation. Here, the company focusses on the digitalisation of processes and products. Messer Cutting Systems is represented with more than 800 employees in 5 main locations with production facilities and in more than 50 countries.

The product range includes oxyfuel, plasma and laser cutting systems from hand guided machines right up to special machines for shipbuilding as well as machines and equipment for oxyfuel welding, cutting, brazing, soldering and heating. Spare parts, repairs, modernisation, maintenance and service as well as environmental technology round out the product portfolio. In-house software solutions optimise production and business processes. The product range is extended by solutions from technology partners, for example in the field of automation.

An intensive dialogue with our customers has prime position – the modern training centre makes this claim clear. World-wide, Messer Cutting Systems is the partner of choice for cutting systems, oxyfuel technology and customer consultancy.