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Support Level Silver

Standard Support

If you decide for Silver Level, our standard support, then you will get all the benefits of Bronze Level and complement these with free of charge access to updates and fixes for all products.

Updates and Extensions

Technologies are continuously developing. This especially applies to our Software. Our development teams world-wide are working every day to expand and improve our products.
If a new release of a product comes onto the market then, with Support Level Silver you will automatically get access to it. You have the right to install this new release and to use it. Always assuming, of course, that you have licensed the previous version of the product in the number installed.


With the fixes for our products, we make fault corrections available fast and simple within the scope of Silver Support Level fast and simply because we want you to enjoy the maximum operational reliability all the time.

Guaranteed reaction

You give us one working day for reaction time within the scope of Silver Level. We must start working on fixing your problem or answering your question within this time.

Single vs. Multi License Support

To make our service as simple and economical as possible for you, Support Level Silver exists in just two versions. For locations with just one MesserSoft product license (Single License Support) or for locations with any number of MesserSoft product licenses (Multi License Support). So you have total cost control, even if your installation basis should later grow.

Details and prices can be found under the description of Single License Support and Multi License Support.

Let us advise you

Discuss the possible applications and benefits of Support Level Silver with us on site.