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Support Level Bronze

Basic Support

The Bronze Level, as basic support, includes the support by Hotline and web support.


The staff of our technical Hotline offer you individual advice and help for all technical questions about all aspects of our products. Highly qualified software specialists work out with you effective solutions for your problems and support you with use in the daily practice.

Technical questions are analyzed in direct discussions. Competent and fast help, guaranteed reaction times and the fast processing of your questions are the focus of our efforts.

And if it is necessary on occasion to go into detail then the path to our developers is short. Support and Product Development operate closely linked hand in hand.

Our Hotline is available to you on working days from 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00 (CET).

Web support

From time to time things happen that you want to show to our experts live. No problem, because we have both the technology and the know-how for this. Using varoius web-tools, we can connect to your computer in seconds and help you as if we were on site beside you. All this, of course, secure and only after you have cleared our access. And only as long as you need our help in the concrete case.

Reaction guaranteed

For reaction time for the Bronze Level we allow ourselves maximum one working day. Within this time we will commence working actively on your problem or your questions.

Single vs. Multi License Support

To make our service as simple and economical as possible for you, Support Level Bronze exists in just two versions. For locations with just one MesserSoft product license (Single License Support) or for locations with any number of MesserSoft Product licenses (Multi License Support). So you have total cost control, even if your installation basis should later grow.

Details and prices can be found under the description of Single License Support and Multi License Support.

Let us advise you

Discuss the possible applications and benefits of Support Level Bronze with us on site.