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Multi License Support

Innovative Concept

You are using any number of licenses for OmniWin, OmniBevel or associated supplementary products at one location. Then the our innovative and market leading Multi License Support is the right product for you.


Bronze Level / Multi License ... EUR 1.090,00

Silver Level / Multi License ... EUR 2.990,00

Gold Level / Multi License ... EUR 4.990,00


The basic duration for support contracts covers the time from signing the contract to the end of the following calendar year. The contract is automatically extended by a year if it is not cancelled at least three months before it expires. On signing for a basic duration of at least three years, a discount of 15% will be granted. On signing for a basic duration of at least five years, you will get a discount of 20%.


The invoicing of Support is made every calendar year, always at the start of the year for the year just starting. In the year the contract is signed, only full quarters will be charged.