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Simple Model

Our customers have substantially different needs in the area of support. One thing is the same for all our customers: Their own knowledge and competences with with these products increase with the number of products used. Simultaneously the intensity of support needed per product installation sinks

We pass this effect directly on to our customers when setting prices. In contrast to our competitors, we do not want to levy more support fees for each product supplied. Rather we reward those customers who use many of our products.

So MesserSoft makes only two differential price levels for support.

Single License Support

You have one license for OmniWin, OmniBevel or for the associated supplementary products. Then use our economical Single License Support, which supports one license at one location.

Multi License Support

OmniWin, OmniBevel or the associated supplementary products are installed and in use in your company at one location but on multiple workstations. In this case use our Multi License Support for each location (regardless of the number of products installed) for a fixed lump sum price.