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GRIFLAM Heating Technology

Complete solutions for all individual heating tasks


  • Multifunctional heating equipment for professional applications
  • For pre and post heating when welding and cutting, stress relieving, normalising and flame hardening, and heat conversion of metals, glass and quartz glass, fusing of powder coatings, preheating of steel ingots, flame straightening, soft soldering, brazing, hard soldering, processing plastics
  • Planning and production of customer specific heating systems for automatic production processes


  • Unique product variety for all heating and production processes in the field of metal processing, and the processing of glass, quartz glass and plastics
  • Multifunctional, cost efficient solutions through the use of standard components and/or special torches
  • Automated solutions make accurate control of gas quantities and the production of exactly dosed gas mixtures possible ensuring reproducible quality for all oxyfuel processes and the widest variety of research and production applications
  • Complete range of accessories

Scope of supply:

  • Handles, shafts, injectors
  • Heating inserts
  • Forked, straight line and ring torches
  • Ignition and monitoring devices
  • Hardening torches
  • Accessories

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