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Water Table

Best solution for under-water or on-water cutting processes

The Water Tables are designed by engineers who have years of practical experience in the use of water tables with plasma cutting.

The use of expulsion chambers permit water levels to be raised and lowered in a matter of seconds. Preset level switches enable the user to set levels appropriate for their operation:

  • Cutting on water
  • Cutting under water
  • Lower water for loading and unloading

Key Features:

  • Modular construction to suit all working areas
  • Available with bulkheads for flexible operation
  • Fast raise/lower of water level
  • Available as complete tables or as engineering packages with full manufacturing drawings
  • The patented ejector helps to reduce the air usage dramatically
  • Combats thermal distortion
  • Minimises heat affected zone
  • Dust and Slug and dust will be bound by the water
  • So only a small over-head extraction with correspondingly small fan-filter unit is required