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Fume Extraction Table

Workpiece support with effective fume extraction

The fume extraction tables ensure workpiece support for the cutting process and a very effective separation of the pollutants produced by thermal cutting.

The cutting exhaust table is connected to the fan or filter unit. The filter ensures that, even the standards for clean air are satisfied.

The table is divided into assembly and operating modules as well as into several exhaust sections. The exhaust sections are opened automatically depending on the burner location.

Gases and dust are captured at the optimum height of the table, taken through a system of openings and ducts of the table into the filtration duct equipment.

Key Features:

  • Single or multiple channel extraction with optimised requirements for the volume of air extracted while maintaining the full effectiveness of the fume extraction table
  • Modular construction of the tables which simplifies transport, installation and adaptability of the tables
  • Suitable for use with gantry and cantilever machines which are equipped with oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting heads
  • High load bearing and heat resistance allow cutting of material up to 200 mm thick (standard version) or 350 mm thick (heavy duty version)
  • Integrated mechanical or pneumatic control of the extraction process to match the torch position
  • Extraction sections 500 mm
  • Support grid available in many versions with removable or movable frames, removable slag trays ensure optimum material flow and permit quick cleaning
  • Dust bins or "BIG BAG" containers