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Bevel Cutting Oxyfuel

For high demands

Bevel cutting requires an exact knowledge of the machine and the cutting processes. Corners, lead-ins and run-outs have to be cut with special cycles if the required quality is to be achieved. Bevel cutting also places high demands on the programming of the cutting plan. Special auxiliary functions are needed to set the units up for bevel cutting.

For example, with bevel cutting, cuts must be repeated if the preparation consists of multiple bevels. It may be necessary to offset the cutting contour to a parallel one or the unit may have to be offset laterally. Depending upon the cutting process, special start of cut geometries may be required. Additionally, the optimum technology parameters such as drive speed and cutting energy has to be matched to the bevel to be cut. Sounds complicated, and it is. But it is exactly the simple solving of such problems which characterise a “Messer Machine“.

Messer Cutting Systems offers a variety of bevel cutting units, perfectly suited for your cutting applications. You choose out of oxyfuel, plasma and laser beveling options, in both automatic and manual systems. The automatic systems are fully controlled, with no manual adjustments necessary.

Key Features:

  • Types of bevel K, V, X, Y
  • Material thickness for beveling up to 80 mm (for manual units)
  • Material thickness for vertical cuts up to 150 mm (for manual units)
  • Max. Angle 60°
  • Infinite rotation of the unit about its own axis
  • Interpolation of the bevel angel (change on the fly from minimum to maximum torch inclination whilst cutting)
  • Positive and negative bevel angles in one part are possible