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Your one for all

For large working areas and square or bevel cuts using oxyfuel or plasma, the OmniMat® is the ideal machine. A full spectrum of marking processes is, of course, also available.

OmniMat® is a large size CNC cutting machine with a heavy-duty structure and multi axis control, suitable for a wide field of applications and complicated cutting jobs. A number of different torch suspensions with tool holders is available, e.g. marking tools, punching and drilling devices, strip cutting attachments, triple torch or rotating triple torch, plasma arc contour bevel unit.

The CNC cutting machine has a sturdy portal design, positive bilateral longitudinal drives and a precise machine guiding profile, providing you high cutting accuracy and contouring precision.

Whether you want to cut with oxy-gas, underwater or dry plasma, whether straight cuts or weld preparations, the OmniMat® offers you the ideal solution. The patented Global Rotator®, equipped with advanced 5 axis robotic compound movement control technology, is ideally suited for "V" & "Y" contour bevelling with only one pass. This greatly reduces fabrication time and milling after the cutting process is now superfluous.

The system is now widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, heavy industry, engineering equipment, etc.

Key Features:

  • Depending on the machine equipment a working width up to 12000 mm can be reached
  • Stable construction to guide even the heaviest equipment accurately
  • Linear guides on the bridge give smooth and precise cuts
  • Designed with the most modern CAD tools for optimum dynamic performance and maximum robustness
  • High performance AC drives for speeds up to 35 m/min and high acceleration
  • Increased productive times through highest acceleration and positioning speeds
  • The system is characterised by its high durability