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Application Center

Open up new horizons of productivity

Open up new horizons which exceed your current demands to equip you for future challenges. We feel responsible for the passing on of practical knowledge to our customers. And we see ourselves as customer oriented and innovative consultants.

Our Application Centre helps you to meet your unique test challenges, whether you’re looking for help with the development of a turnkey solution, re-engineering an existing platform or for any other specific test problem. We are here to help you increase your productivity.

Our Application Centre supports you in the understanding and specification of your products into your system applications. Our services range from discussion of possible applications in your system, to answering detailed questions on product performance, to generically illustrating how to work our products.

Key Features

  • Immense cumulative experience
  • Knowledgeable on all systems
  • Expert on plasma, oxyfuel, CAD/CAM software and beveling
  • Application services on machine operation, process variables, programming and cutting parameters to produce the best quality parts
  • Time studies for a specific part or nest of parts
  • Cutting of sample parts
  • Remote online software demonstrations
  • Well-equipped demonstration area geared with various systems and processes

To submit your specific request to our team of experienced application engineers, click on the contact link and embed your contact information along with a description of your application question.