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Punch Marking

Clear lines and points for drilling, contours and letters

The Punch Marker provides impact impressions on the surface of mild steel, stainless steel, or Aluminium. The punch operates by extending with air pressure and retracting with a spring. It is best for material .25" or (6 mm) or thicker, and is ideal for marking layout lines or hole locations.

Punch Marking:

Center Punch for drilled hole location - The Global Control positions the punch  using offset commands. The depth of the punch can be controlled using the dwell command for a punch up to .9" or (0.25 mm).

Scribe Lines for secondary operations - Marks for weldments, bend lines, and assembly locations. Scribe lines can be created using a high frequency function for the reciprocating pin (9000BPM). The punch marker moves along a pre-programmed path, and depending on speed chosen, will create a line or a series of dots.

Key Features:

  • Operates at a stand-off distance of .25" (6.35mm) to .17" (+/- 4.5mm) to accommodate plate variations.
  • Optional height sensor is available to maintain the recommended stand-off distance. (NOTE: sensor does not work with standing water on piece to be cut)
  • High carbon steel marking pin has a diameter of .266 inches (5.7404mm)  for robust marking
  • The harden ground marking pin is easy to remove or replacement or regrinding
  • Clear marking of hole centres, lines, contours and characters on plate surfaces
  • Marks clear center point as start for drilling
  • Can mark through rust and surface scale
  • Marks not easily removed
  • Max. Marking Speed: - 3 m/min