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intelligent torch lifters

The Messer SmartLifter Series is a range of intelligent torch lifters designed for efficient, high quality cutting with oxyfuel, plasma and laser torches.

The high stroke speed of the lifters coupled with optimised PLC control guarantees time saving cycles between cuts. The high stroke speed with integrated sensors ensures consistently correct stand-off so that the cut quality is always optimum.


  • Torch lifters utilising Messer Optimised System Technology can reduce cycle times by as much as 30% over previous designs
  • Non-productive time is greatly reduced due to an adaptive IHS system that “learns” the height of the plate on the cutting table
  • Process Optimisation feature and fast positioning minimise unproductive time between pierces for plasma, laser and oxyfuel cutting
  • Regulation of the arc voltage gives automatic compensation for nozzle wear with plasma cutting thus giving accurate, reproducible parts.
  • Optimum positioning of the nozzle stand-off produces improved cutting quality so parts require little to no secondary operations
  • Precision linear guides provide a rigid platform for all cutting or marking tools
  • Low maintenance, dustproof sealed housing
  • EtherCAT communication system with intelligent inputs/outputs provides increased diagnostic capability with a minimum cabling thus reducing cable drag as well as radio frequency interference
  • The SmartLifter is available in 100 mm, 200 mm or 300 mm versions for plasma, oxyfuel, marker and laser applications